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3D Ultrasound lets you see your unborn baby's face

Pregnancy should be exciting! With easy to print 3D ultrasound images you can show your baby off to all the family. The 4D sonogram video allows you to see your baby moving in real time. All of our 3D ultrasound miami packages include a picture CD and a video DVD.

Traditional ultrasound shows your baby along a single two dimensional plane. With 3D/4D ultrasound the probe performs a sweep with the same sound waves as in a 2D sonogram, but then renders the image in 3D. A 4D sonogram refers to the real time video, as well as the ability to rotate the sonogram image for the best angle and most ideal picture. The probe only touches the surface of your pregnant belly.

This boy's usually not this crazy

Best ultrasound experience ever

In a more primitive time and place, people had to guess how their baby would look. Not anymore! Thanks to 3D and 4D ultrasound technology you can see your baby months before birth.

3D ultrasound machine setup

The most comfortable facility

Our office is located in A Birth Center and OB/GYN office. This affords you the most comfortable and professional 4D ultrasound experience. We are perfectly located between Miami and Ft Lauderdale and right on I-95. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is located 10 minutes north, and downtown Miami is only 15 to 25 minutes south.

While other places may double or even triple book your appointment time, we keep your time just for you. Usually there is no wait time when you come to SonoSmile for your 3D ultrasound, with very few exceptions for difficult babies.

We show what others don't, like if your baby has hair and whether it's straight or curly. Two monitors showcase your baby so that it's easy for you and your family to see. Seated, you can bring yourself plus six people. If your crowd doesn't mind standing, you can feel free to pack in a couple more.

HD, 4D and 3D ultrasound in an OB/GYN Office and A Birth Center near Miami FL and surrounding cities.

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